Wrapping up in July of 2017 was none other than the U.S Open Beer Championship. The event, however, this year, took a turn and proved that it is no longer just an American affair anymore. The craft beers there were imported from countries all across the world and the judges that attended came all the way from Canada, Great Britain and the home country of the U.S.

Most of the awards that day were mainly won by U.S breweries but there were other countries that won as well. These include the bronze for the best Foreign Stout that happened to go to Belize, The Silver for the best Herb and Spice Beer that went to Italy and last but not least, the Bronze for the Best ChocolateCocoa beer that went to Vietnam. With all the awards that were given away that day, it made it to where officials officially determined that it was going to no longer continue to be only an American celebration anymore and that many countries will hopefully continue to participate in the future.


One of the pioneers that were known to of been present at the event is Eli Gershkovitch. He is known for being the founder and the CEO of the whole Steamworks Group of Companies. At the Open Beer Championship, he has a reputation for being one of the top contenders. With his reputation, he has been able to make Canadian craft beer become a beer that is on top of the chain of the beer franchise. Eli Gershkovitch has proudly been making his own original brews since 1995. This was back when craft beer was known as being the last thing that anyone had on their mind. With his help though, throughout the years, he has gradually been helping Canadian craft beer take shape.


In 1995 Gershkovitch was able to open his very first brewpub, which happened to be Canada’s very first and only incorporated steam-powered brewery at the time (Westender). Since he happened to also be an attorney, it made it to where he was able to navigate through all the complexities and patent his own original brews. His work was not finished there though, he continued to build onto his empire and eventually made it to where he is today.