Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a plastic surgeon who is headquartered in the United States in sunny Dallas, Texas right now. He has board certification as well. Although his first name officially is Sameer, people often call him Sam as a nickname. He’s part of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. This is a practice that has a significant degree of acclaim in the region. He concentrates on all kinds of cosmetic surgery procedures. He concentrates on those that revolve around the breasts, nose, eyes and face. He even concentrates on those that involve the physique in general.

This professional is associated with numerous nearby hospitals. He’s associated with both the Pine Creek Medical Center and the Dallas Medical Center. He’s a graduate of the Medical Center at the University of Michigan. He scored a degree from the institution of higher learning in the Midwest as well.

Dr. Jejurikar has an extensive background in the plastic surgery realm. He’s been a part of it for upward of two full decades at this point. Patients are drawn to Dr. Jejurikar for a plenitude of big reasons. This medical aficionado has a demeanor that makes all patients feel tranquil. He genuinely cares about patients and about all of their results. He has a commitment to the plastic surgery sector that’s completely unrivaled. He has talents that make his patients feel awe, too. This doctor is so impressive that he actually stuns his team members day in and day out. They cannot believe their eyes when they view all that he’s capable of doing. He has a lot of brilliance that involves all sorts of cosmetic surgery treatments. He can help individuals who want to tone their bodies and do away with immoderate flab. He can help those who want to make their rear ends appear a lot shapelier.