Beauty and physical appearance is a significant trend nowadays. From make-up to slimming products and other products and tools just to keep our face and bodies look great. But these products can sometimes harm our health. There is another way of maintaining our physical appearance or making it seem as what we wanted it to appear, and that is through plastic surgery. There are a lot of available doctors who cater to that kind of service, but only a few are experts on the field. In San Diego, Dr. Mark Mofid is known to be a professional plastic surgeon.

Dr. Mark Mofid is a certified plastic surgeon and recognized by a Plastic Surgery Board in America. He graduated and completed his medical degree at the John Hopkins University School of Medicine. In the world of aesthetics, he is known to be an expert in the most advanced methods and the process of plastic surgery. In the area where his practice is known and famous, most of his clients recommend his service which is known to offer high quality of service and training.

There is a secret behind every success of every person. For Dr. Mark Mofid, the secret to his success is the established relationship with his patients. He makes sure that every operation or surgery is well researched, planned and he knows the broad background of his client. He believes that in plastic surgery it is essential to see the past of his clients so he can be able to do the job they wanted him to do. He said in an interview that before he thought that surgery is just merely for aesthetic purposes, but later on he did realize that for him to be able to reconstruct someone, he has to know how he or she looked like before the reconstruction. Another essential thing to keep in mind that Dr. Mark Mofid would want young aspiring plastic surgeons to do the job the patients wish to but if they think it will only harm their patients, they should not push thru with the surgery and just keep the safety of their patients.