When it comes to the world of fashion and interior design, unlike in previous years, it has become extremely easy for people to access information on different trends thanks to technology. Thanks to the experts in this industry, the information available is not only accurate but also quite helpful. One such expert is DonataMeirelles. She has been an expert on all things fashion and interior design ever since both industries were growing. Some of the tips DonataMeirelles has offered on her area of expertise is how to leave a room in your house perfumed with the use of scented candles.

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The first step to perfuming any room is always to have a lit candle placed at the entrance of your home. This makes it possible for you and your guests to be greeted by the cozy and intimate smell of the candle. The second step is to ensure you have a candle always lit in the entrance of your main room. This is important as it helps the aroma last long in every room. You can leave one scented candle in the main room, another one in your wash, and another min your library. Make sure that the rooms you frequent have that pleasant smell.

However, do not put any scented candle in your bedroom as you do not want to disturb your sleep or get sick. The most important tip to always utilize when using scented candles is to make sure you lit them at dusk. This gives your house a perfumed aroma in the evening, as you get home from work. Also, make sure you choose the right brands of candles, as this will not only give you a perfect aroma, it will also give you quality and long-lasting candles. So, if you are looking that sweet aroma in your home, make sure you utilize all the above Donata Meirelles tips.

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