Doe Deere is one of the coolest people I’ve come across. I’m not sure whether to label her as a celebrity, a business tycoon or just one awesome lady. Doe Deere is the founder of rebel beauty brand Lime Crime and she has brought the company from a small fringe startup to a global brand recognized for its unique style.


She was recently featured in an interview that asked her to give her advice to women on how to follow their dreams. This topic is perfect for Doe Deere. She has had a wild and crazy road and as never conformed to what others expected of her. With the launch of Lime Crime, she achieved her dream of helping women everywhere express themselves through the power of makeup.


If you aren’t familiar with Lime Crime, it is a beauty brand known for wild and gorgeous colors that are made from some of the best ingredients available. From its glowing shimmer highlighters to bold and bright lipsticks, Lime Crime is truly one of a kind. The company revolutionized the lipstick industry with the simple introduction of the on-lip color sample instead of a swatch of color on a white background. The brand is young and runs on the motto that if their team isn’t absolutely obsessed with it, they won’t make the product at all.


The article gives wonderful advice that, I will admit, inspired me. She stated that she believes every person out there was something completely unique about them. She says this quality of talent makes them different than anyone else in the world. By following our unique gifts, we find our dreams while we find our true selves.


She told the story of how she knew she was always a bit different, but she never really cared. At age 13 she started her first business selling fake tattoos in her home country of Russia. She goes on to say that by never wavering to what she was called to do, she created the Lime Crime Empire. However, she lived many other lives before she is where she was today. She has been a musician, worked in the world of high fashion, and before that she spent her childhood in Russia before moving to New York City at the young age of 13.


Thank you, Doe Deere, for reminding me and all the other readers to fearlessly follow our dreams! Learn more: