Lime Crime is the brand of cosmetics that is slowly gaining ground as one of the top new cosmetic brands around. It does not have the longevity of brands like Cover Girl just yet, but it has still managed to become a much-talked-about brand thanks to the founder and primary marketing agent, Doe Deere. She has taken it upon herself to spread the word about the brand, and everyone that sees any video blog that she has ever done will remember who she is.


The formula for her success is rather simple. She is a very colorful person that has created a colorful brand of cosmetics. This may be the main thing that stands out with eyeliner and lipstick from this brand. This is her 2nd company, and when it comes to the color palettes she is making consumers stop and stare. From her Venus palette to her signature Unicorn makeup and lip gloss, it appears that Doe Deere has finally found her niche.


She decided to go against the grain and survived. It was her goal to make sure that more people embrace their individuality. She wanted to be someone that was going to make people appreciate uniqueness when it came to cosmetics. She was not about looking like everyone else that was around. She also did not want her consumer base to be connected to a brand that looked like everything else. To the contrary, she wanted to be someone that put her time into creating a sense of individuality. She has been able to express her own sense of individuality, and her desire to think outside the box has led her to interesting discoveries. Doe Deere has to realized that people appreciate her unique sense of style. This is what has led to a million plus followers on Instagram for Lime Crime.


Marketing herself as the alternative to mainstream was a bold choice because she clearly had a lot at stake. She had already found herself in a place where her fashion line of clothing did not succeed. Her individuality was something of a dare, but she became successful with this by staying true to herself.