Dick and Betsy DeVos are people of their faith. They live by their faith and do everything they can to live out their spirituality. Dick DeVos does his part by working the types of jobs that he can and being a provider to his family. At the same time, he is willing to raise his children and show them right from wrong not just with words, but with his example as well. This is one of the reasons that he is a great father. He is also a great husband in that he protects and loves his wife in a gentle manner.


One thing that shows he is a good leader is that he inspires people to take on activities that not only make them live productive lives, but also helps others. After all, Dick DeVos wants his family to be a light that people can look to. One of the ways he does this is by participating in many different acts of charity which go towards education. He gives a lot to faith based organizations. He is also among the people that are looking forward to bringing forth school choice in order to allow people to get their education in better communities. Meanwhile, he is looking for ways to strengthen some of the low income communities.


One good thing about Dick DeVos is that he fights the stereotype of the rich man. He does not look down his nose at people who are struggling in his community.


For those that are looking to make a huge difference in their world, they need an example. Dick DeVos is an example to follow in that he has gotten himself involved in many different activities that have turned out to profit him and others because he was always willing to share his wealth. His wife Betsy is of even greater influence in her country in that she is willing to engage with those who are not necessarily from the same background.