There is no doubt that DE Shaw is one of the most popular hedge funds on the planet. After all, boasting of over $50 billion in assets under management is sure to earn a firm that stature.

But along with that particular distinction, DE Shaw has also earned the less impressive reputation of being so hermetic that it doesn’t let any information be revealed to outsiders which it doesn’t deem fit to be released – even if it is related to what would be “normal” hedge fund misbehavior that almost every firm discloses to be transparent to its clients.

This secretive behavior might make sense if it was limited to the firm’s money-making mechanisms since it uses computer-generated algorithms to execute its investments against market behavior. But the reticent approach is inherent to the company’s culture, which is concerning for many.

What is the Latest Addition to DE Shaw’s String of Interesting Behavior?

It was just in May 2018 that DE Shaw shared the decision of firing a partner from its firm. Acting as a managing director, Daniel Michalow had been one of the star execs at the firm, who had gone through immense success at the company since he had joined it. That is until he was let go on the grounds of sexually inappropriate behavior against his fellow female employees.

The official yet vague word came from DE Shaw about Michalow’s retirement in March 2018. But things were not clarified until two months later in May when the firm went on record to state that the exec had been fired from his position on exhibiting inappropriate behavior. Michalow denied the allegations and took the approach of maintaining that while he might have behaved rudely in front of employees, he had never exhibited sexually inappropriate behavior.

To no one’s surprise, DE Shaw remained tightlipped on confirming Michalow’s account on not behaving in a sexually inappropriate manner. The firm has maintained silence on the matter since then, except for a coincidental instruction to its employees to sign a noncompete before September 16, 2019.