Dan Bethelmy-Rada has had a significant impact on the global development that L’Oreal Professional has seen over the past few years. Currently, Bethelmy-Rada stands as the Global Brand President of the company and has served in this position for the past four years. He has had several prominent achievements through the course of his career and has stood as a notable member of several departments within L’Oreal.

One of the first prominent positions that Bethelmy-Rada was appointed to at L’Oreal was DMI General Manager of the company. The fact that he was only forty years old at the time was even more remarkable, making him the youngest general manager to ever work at L’Oreal.

Bethelmy-Rada first got his start at L’Oreal at the Garnier division of the brand. He started working at the company fresh out of college and worked his way up the ranks to the position that he is currently in. Bethelmy-Rada has stood as a true leader, and since the early days of his career has possessed incredible management skills. He was put in charge of several teams within the company and worked as a department head for many of the departments within the company. He was also tasked with training several employees, many of who have gone on to take up prominent positions within the company.

The reason Bethelmy-Rada has become such a well-known name within the field and within the beauty industry is because of the principles that he stands by. He believes in hard work and dedication to one’s job at hand. His drive to improve himself has always been strong and is something that has helped him achieve the prominent role that he plays at L’Oreal today.

Marketing has always been one facet of the company that Bethelmy-Rada was well-versed with, and is something that he deems to be incredibly important. In his current role, he has implemented a greater focus on the marketing strategies that the company implements and has tried to improve the global reach of the company through strategic social media use.