Doe Deere is by far one of the best makeup artists in the industry today. She created the world of Lime Crime and continues to reinvent the way women are using makeup and finding colors to use. Doe is one inspiring and aspiring makeup artist who loves to create change in the industry. Her makeup styles and colors are always changing how people are using makeup. Doe Deere is by far one of the best people in the business to work with because she knows how the business works. Learning from her and taking a look at her routine will help you see why she is so successful.

Doe Deere is definitely one person who tries to do her best when it comes down to delivering top quality products. It is through her process and routine in the morning she is able to create great ideas and deliver top notch service. Doe Deere wakes up and starts her day off with a good cup of water every morning. She strives to get her body moving and active, and so this is why she gets stretching after that water. It helps with circulating the blood throughout the body. She finds that moving around and staying agile in the morning will help for later on in the day. She loves to get into the kitchen and get herself some fruit and yogurt as her breakfast to get her body going and moving.

The best part of her morning is going straight to her phone and how she works together with her team. She takes the time to go through the chat in the company to help ensure that everybody in the office is updated and knows what is going on. She is able to see what other people are up to in the office and answer the questions they may have for her.

Lime Crime operates because of her, and she proves that you can be the CEO and still work together with the people throughout the brand. She goes through her calendar app often throughout the day to help remind her of what is going on with the business and how things are going. She wants to make sure that everything planned in her day is scheduled and she knows exactly what is happening and what’s going on. She struggles often with where to go and what to do, so this is why her calendar app is always ready and up to date.

Lime Crime is a growing brand that will continue to make huge changes with the help of its CEO. She loves her job and what she does. She is constantly changing what she has to offer to provide quality service everyday.