Cyber crime is one of the most committed crimes in the world. It might seem like a simple crime but it requires great attention. In an article from the Investing News Network Magazine, questions were asked on the importance of cyber security. Basing their argument on the latest attack that happened in May 2017, which was the largest cyber assault of its kind. They urged the government to respond and adopt urgent security measures. From the discussion, it came up that cyber security is an issue that should be looked at very seriously by companies and government agencies. The increased need for limited funding has placed the government as the highest victims from hackers. Politicians are also at risk with Hillary Clinton being a good example of cyber hacking. Since there is no government cyber security agents,individuals seek the help of personal cyber security agents such as Rubica (


About Rubica Cyber Security


Rubica Cyber Security is a private cyber security network that comprises of highly trained experts to provide personal security. Many individuals across the world have fallen victim to hackers but do not know the best way to approach the threats. Personal cyber security is an important aspect in the modern day. Therefore, the services of Rubica are very necessary. They guarantee full 24-hours security on your accounts giving you the much needed freedom. The firm is capable of preventing all sorts of hack attacks. For this reason, I would advise anyone who needs online security to seek the services of Rubica Cyber Security.

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