The traffic situation in Texas has been an issue for the last few years, and it is a problem that continues to get worse with time. Even as the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority tries to find and implement new ways, the increasing traffic in Austin and surrounding areas continue to add challenges for the CTRMA. In an editorial recently published by American-Statesman, the traffic situation in Austin and the state of Texas as a whole was discussed. It said that the traffic congestion in Texas is causing problems to the people and is also affecting the commercial revenue generated by the state.



The Executive Director of CTRMA, Mike Heiligenstein gave his thanks to the American-Statesman for bringing up the issue of traffic congestion as it is a matter that needs to be addressed, discussed, and brainstormed to find a viable solution. Mike said that 183A Toll Road is developed in Cedar Park that has helped tremendously in transforming the traffic situation in the area. Mike Heiligenstein stated that it is important to realize that the transportation capacity of the state has increased tremendously in the last few years, and no one solution can completely diffuse the problem in one go. However, by implementing ancillary solutions, it would collectively help in easing the traffic situation to a certain extent. He also mentioned that CTRMA is focused on finding innovative solutions to solve the traffic congestion.



Recently, the MoPac Express Lanes were inaugurated that promises to cut down traffic to a certain extent. The MoPac Express Lanes uses advanced technology and charges variable toll at slow and peak timings, which helps the people to have an alternative route to rely on when they are in an emergency. Mike Heiligenstein said that the idea behind MoPac Express Lane is to ensure that people can reach their destination on time when other routes are stuck in a jam and are crawling. It would make it easier for the people who are in a hurry and can’t afford to reach their destination late.



Mike Heiligenstein has served the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority since 2003 and has been associated with the transportation world for nearly three decades. Mike is on the board of Texas Transportation Institute. He did his graduation from the Texas University and also did Masters in Business Administration from the same university. Mike believes that the situation of traffic in Texas can be resolved with time with the help of advanced technology.


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