After nearly four years of construction, the hospital Copa Star was inaugurated on October 2016. Located in the southern zone of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, more specifically in Figueiredo Magalhães street by Copacabana, the Rioians receive a new standard in the ospital segment. The Copa Star hospital unites qualified service, comfort, luxury and sophisticated technology. The architectural design resembles a five-star hotel, but it is part of the concept that Rede D’Or São Luiz implements in its ventures.

With 21,000 square meters and seven floors, the Star Cup touches technological innovation and refinement all around. The Smart Hospitality system allows the patient a level of autonomy that cannot be experienced in other hospitals. Through a few touches on the iPad made available to inpatients, it is possible to have a conversation with the doctor or to request attention from the nurses. The technology is also present in the automation of its unique bed features. With the exclusive application of the Copa Star hospital, the intern can change the lighting of the room, open and close the curtains and access the exams with his doctor.

The investment that exceeded $400 million began in 2013. Jorge Moll – a cardiologist, founder and the current president of Rede D’Or São Luiz – commented that the venture is an alternative for the Rio de Janeiro citizens who made the Rio and São Paulo care available to all. They have combined qualified care and highly complex surgeries in the Star Cup. Before, for this type of care, the patient needed to fly to Sao Paulo in the Lebanese Syrian or the Albert Einstein. The Star Cup reconciles professional staff with hotel accommodations to aid in recovery. The responsible individuals create an environment that unites technology with comfort and human acceptance as a personalized and exclusive service.

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Among the innovations of the Star Cup hospital, there is an attached area for the flow of stretchers and health professionals. The corridors of the building have a sober and welcoming air. For this, the Network relied on an internal aromatization project and 231 kinetic works of art by the Japanese painter Yutaka Toyota.

Training and More

The Hospital Copa Star team trained heavily for two months through tests and various simulations. Actors have interpreted possible emergency situations so that everything is planned in detail. The Star Cup team consists of more than 550 employees, of whom 113 are doctors; professionals have been trained from how to approach patients to what clothes and makeup type to use. Rede D’Or São Luiz plans to expand this new concept of hospitals to other major centers in the country. In the sights already lie the cities of São Paulo and Brasília. Visit their profile page on