Technology has become an integral part of the business world. At the core of many companies both large and small is technology. The use of technology has changed the way the business world operates on a daily basis. In many ways, technology has changed the business world into a digital world. While the business world has made many significant changes over the past few decades because of the use of technology, there are other major areas that have also made key changes by using technology in its core operations.

One of these areas is education. For many years, the educational system did not embrace the use of technology to the point where technology could make huge changes in the way education operates. However, over the past few decades, the educational system as a whole has utilized technology much more than in prior times.

There are a variety reasons for the increased use of technology in the educational system. Numerous reasons could be pointed to as shifting the interest of education to use technology more, but in actuality, society simply moved towards technology in a significant way.

Although the educational system utilizes technology much more than in the past, there is still room for much more utilization of technology by the educational system. One of the areas of the educational system where technology could be used more is with teacher and parent communication at the K-12 level. One of the most important aspects of children’s education is the participation of their parents in the children’s education. The teacher and parent communication is very important in this regard. For many years, the teacher and parent in person conference has been the only way that teachers and parents could communicate. The use of modern technology would help the communication process greatly.

A technology company that is helping to bring technology innovation to the teacher and parent communication is ClassDojo. The company has developed an app for school systems that allows teachers, parents, and students to use the system to do an wide variety of things related to school activities and class work.

The app has a feature that can be used to help with teacher and parent communication. The app feature works by either a teacher or parent sending a message using the app. The message is sent over the app network platform to the recipient. Teachers and parents can communicate whenever desired using the app feature.

ClassDojo has raised additional funds in the amount of 21 millions dollars that will be used by the company for enhancements to the app and the system platform.