There has been a lot of research recently completed about how to keep students engaged in the classroom and create a better school community. One of the most effective ways of keeping a student engaged and building a wider school community regardless of location is through the use of the ClassDojo app. Created in 2011, the ClassDojo app gives educators an impressive and efficient way of building for the future through effective communication lines opened between school and families.

Although it is available around the world, we can take the effectiveness of the ClassDojo app on the results it has achieved in the U.S. In the U.S., the success of ClassDojo can be seen in the way the app provides information for parents and family members who may not speak English as their first language. In the past, educators often struggled to get their point across to the families of students who did not speak the same language. By using ClassDojo as a communication tool, the app has the ability to translate messages into different languages meaning a teacher can be sure their messages are reaching a family in a full and efficient way. Bringing the families of students into the school community assists in developing a fuller, more complete school community to be enjoyed by all.

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