If you’re in the Atlantic City area, then you’d be happy to know that affordable housing is on the way. A huge project on 600 North Beach is almost done being constructed. This project is expected to be completed this upcoming fall. The total project costs about $85 million dollars. This housing development will consist of about 250 units. The company in charge of building this development is named Boraie Development LLC. Boraie Development is a well-known construction company that has been in business for decades now. The vice president of the company is Wasseem Boraie. Together, the company is dedicated to creating a space that the residents will view as a community.

Boraie Development has even positioned 80 units to be surrounded around a beautiful courtyard. This courtyard is kid and family-friendly. This courtyard will be equipped with a community park, pool, and sitting area. In addition, this community area will also be positioned just minutes away from the city’s ocean. It is Boraie development’s goal to make these apartments be extremely spacious. For example, their one-bedroom apartments are as large as 850 square feet. Moreover, their two-bedroom apartments are 1,350 square feet. The apartments have beautiful architecture that can only be found in this development. Some of their apartments are equipped with floor to ceiling windows and high end appliances. According to Boraie Development, these apartments are expected to be completed around Thanksgiving. Many people are excited about the opening of these luxury apartments.