Bob Reina is the CEO of an increasingly popular video marketing company known as Talk Fusion, and he also writes about the field for the Huffington Post. One feature Reina has talked about with Talk Fusion is how it’s video creation software can be used to tell a story. The idea behind the Huffington Post now is to make sure people whose stories might otherwise be forgotten now have them heard. With Talk Fusion offering various discounts and donated accounts to various non-profit groups, Reina said his company’s mission really aligns well with the Huffington Post’s. Reina has been in the video marketing industry for about 10 years.


Bob Reina was actually a police officer for years before he became an entrepreneur. He’s always had a passion for helping people, but felt with all the hours he had to work and lack of family time that he really couldn’t do it the way he had hoped. So he looked into different multilevel marketing opportunities and worked for different companies for about 10 years, but in order to get a more steady income he decided to start his own company. He got the idea for it in 2004 when he saw a demand for videos that could be sent via email. Learn more:


By 2007, Reina and his friend Dr. Jonathan Chen had launched Talk Fusion’s first product. Reina decided to build on that and include newsletters, live chat and conference, and even signup forms for websites. The products can be downloaded through Google Play Store or through the reference of a Talk Fusion associate. Associates sell the products to earn commissions on them. Reina also decided it was important for customers to see how products worked through free trials, and every customer now has the option to signup for a 30-day trial with no credit card.


Reina also is an animal lover who has adopted many pets and tries to help others do the same. He regularly supports the Tampa Humane Society and other animal rescue services. He’s also gotten involved with local youth sports leagues and fundraisers for the local sheriff’s office.