Blake Mallen has spent the last decade, helping people to lose weight and maintain healthy lifestyles. The influential executive and several other top investors started ViSalus, and they have done an excellent job in raising the brand and making it a leader in the market. For a long time, this experienced businessman took the role of sales and marketing. As the head of this industry, he was in charge of ensuring that the company increased its sales in the global community. Stakeholders in the top company noticed that Blake was good in his job, and they decided to reward him by promoting him. A news statement from the successful company shows that Blake Mallen will stop into the prime role of president. The healthy lifestyle company, which boasts for being one of the tops in the world, is confident that the role landed to the best candidate.

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In the healthy lifestyle industry, Blake Mallen is already a big name. Customers from the global community purchase weight loss products and other supplements from the institution since the year 2005. Blake, Nick Sarnicola and Ryan Blair are the reason behind the successful brand. The three were very young when they founded their company, but they had the resources and motivation to change the lives of people. The team had a goal of reducing the number of lifestyle diseases among people in the world. Being obese and overweight is something that prevents millions of people from having a normal life. Medical conditions such as cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes get better when a patient is using the healthcare products made by ViSalus. Blake Mallen, in the role of president, will aim at reaching more people, especially those based in Northern America.

Big roles in business go to professionals who have various skills. After serving in ViSalus for twelve years, Blake Mallen convinced everyone that he has all the qualities of a leader. The other founders of the healthy lifestyle organization recommended the position because the executive is effective in all the duties given. Mallen is also very confident when handling clients, and this makes him the ideal choice for a top role.