When shopping at Walmart many will notice two and sometimes three aisles of pet food. It can become confusing when trying to purchase the appropriate dog food for your canine. Walmart does have a wide variety of Beneful brand dog food. Beneful is a product of Purina and is carried at most mass retail stores and pet specialty stores. What is to be noted with Walmart are the savings a consumer may experience by purchasing their pets Beneful there. Walmart offers sales quite frequently referred to as Walmart Roll Backs. These sales will often take a dollar or more off of a product.

In addition to this sale Walmart also accepts manufacturer coupons. People who purchase beneful have plenty of options for obtaining money saving coupons. Those who buy beneful can visit the beneful website directly and sign up to receive emailed coupons on various beneful products ranging from kibble and stews to treats. Beneful has a wide variety of flavor options for all types of dogs. Whether you have a smaller dog that eats smaller sized kibble like incredabites or a larger dog that may be on a grain free diet, Beneful has whatever you are looking for. By shopping at walmart you will be able to save money on your pet’s favorite brand of dog food. Some walmarts have even gone a step further and are not offering curb side grocery delivery. You can shop from home and place your order and then your products will be brought curbside to your car, this includes all of the Beneful products from the pet food aisle at Walmart.