Jana Lightspeed is a partner of the investment firm Lightspeed Capital Ventures and a co-founder of the investment collective #ANGELS. Lightspeed Capital Ventures focuses on investing in companies in the consumer and entertainment sectors. They have partnered with over 350 companies and manage over $4 billion in investment capital. #ANGELS is an angel investment firm that focuses on investing in women-led startups. Currently, they are partnered with over 80 women-led businesses.

Prior to joining Lightspeed and forming #ANGELS, Messerschmidt invested in and held positions for Netflix and Twitter. While at Netflix she served as the Director of Business Development and helped set up the company’s early streaming partnerships. With Twitter, she was the Vice President of Global Business Development and Platform. She helped form strategic partnerships and helped enterprise sales.

Jana Lightspeed sat down for a Q&A with Ideasmench.com to talk about where the idea for #ANGELS came from, how she brings ideas to life and trends that currently excite her.

The idea for #ANGELS came to her while she was working for Twitter. During a meeting over drinks with a few female coworkers, they discussed their personal experiences with angel investing. After talking about it, they came to the realization that it would be a great idea if they worked together to create a new brand. This new brand would focus on being an angel investor for women-led businesses. All of them became senior investors and partners and #ANGELS was born.

Jana Lightspeed has a background in computer engineering and she approaches each investment like an engineer. She starts with the big picture and identifies the steps she needs to take to reach this big picture. She creates an outline and uses this outline to help her client reach their goals

The current business trend that excites her is the evolution of urban transportation. She has seen the rise of ride-sharing services such as Lyft and Uber now she is excited for the rise of scooter sharing services such as Lime and Bird Scooters, the latter that #ANGELS invested in.