Steve Ritchie is a real life example of working your way to the top. He joined Papa John’s as a low level employee at a local store in 1996. He went from there to store manager. He later became a franchise owner in 2006, and recently was named President of the company. Steve Ritchie was previously serving as chief operating officer and will continue to that position. It is probably safe to say that he has at one time or another filled almost every job in the company.

Ritchie’s passion for the pizza business started before he ever joined Papa John’s. He went straight from high school into the business. From the time he became a store manager for Papa John’s, it was apparent that he was intent on moving up the corporate ladder. It took more than passion. It took a natural business ability to be successful at every stage of his career. Ritchie has been successful in every position in the corporation, and there is no reason to believe he will not continue to demonstrate his ability as President of Papa John’s.

Steve Ritchie has been dedicated to one industry and one company his entire life. He knows the pizza business inside and out. He knows what needs to be done. As President of Papa John’s he will bring innovation along with a continued emphasis on producing the best pizza in the industry. Ritchie has always worked long hours for the company, and he is not about to stop now that he has reached the top.

Steve Ritchie is a good example of young people to follow. Identify a passion in life, and then go after that passion. Work as hard and smart as you can. Ritchie has shown that it pays off in life as well as in business.