Arthur Becker has been able to invest in some of the most-expensive properties in New York over the past few years, and his latest project is a large building in Tribeca. This article by PerezHilton, explains how Arthur has gone from some of the world’s great technology to investing in real estate. He is planning to use his millions to make a mark on New York City that may be seen by its elite.

#1: Why This Building?

The project on Washington in the Tribeca neighborhood will help bring in millions of dollars in sales, and it will help him ensure that he is making a large project from his investment. They plan to sell the building out at just under $53 million, and Arthur will make much of his investment back quickly. The building is in a lovely area, and it will be a hub for many young elites of the city.

#2: Arthur Knows Real Estate Investment

Arthur has been in real estate in the city for some time, and he is known for the investments that he makes because they tend to be quite large. He is investing in projects that mean something to the community, and he is attempting to invest in projects that will help bring a glimmer of life to parts of the city that people love.

#3: Other Deals In The City

Arthur has paid for a lovely condo complex in Soho, and he has worked with developers on other large projects that are quite exciting for New Yorkers, read more on The Real Deal. He has done much of the work that is required to ensure the city is growing, and he is pushing up property values in many areas quickly.

Arthur Becker’s career in real estate is one that improves New York. Each investment he makes changes a part of the city for the better. For more info, visit

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