In case you did not know, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall are two halves of the group known as the Chainsmokers. They first debuted in 2012 and had a breakthrough single called Selfie in 2014. The group is an EDM based outfit that normally does not use live singers. Remember that EDM music relies on synthesized sounds and heavy drum beats. In its rawest form, EDM music does not have any singing or vocals. It can contain vocal loops which are often phrases or a simple line from another song.

Normally, most EDM groups will not sing on their songs. Instead, they rely on the upbeat music they play to get crowds moving. They also rely on the drop. This is an elevated music beat that is often played to climax on an EDM song. The Chainsmokers use this same formula for their music. However, when it comes to singing hooks and verses on one of their tunes they use live performers. This trend is a very popular aspect of modern EDM music. EDM Musicians would simply feature the vocals of a well-known artist on their tracks.

Alex Pall is now singing on the Chainsmokers tracks. He stepped up to do this as a means to endorse the group’s own music. Most people might not realize this but musical artists, including the Chainsmokers, are always one or two years ahead of their current songs. What this means is that a music artist can have a hit today, but they are already moving on from that hit song to something else. That “something else” is going to the song that people will hear in the future. That is the same direction that the Chainsmokers have taken.

The group is doing their own vocals and it is paying off. Alex Pall sings on the group’s “Closer” song with Halsey. This song is considered one of the biggest hit songs in the duo’s career. Pall doesn’t mind singing on his tracks. He wants to continuously bring a new sound and flavor to the group’s music. Pall and Taggart are expecting to do more vocals for their own tracks in the future. One of their most recent releases is “Sick Boy” and it too features Pall. The group is guiding their own success through their own musical sound and singing talent.