A company of tremendous success and pndustry iexerience, Agera Energy is a retail energy supplier dominating in their trade. Serving all 50 states, Agera Energy has a wide-reaching appeal that bodes well for their renown. Agera Energy ascribes their success to their “large footprint,” stating that their ability to make a sweeping impact is conducive to profitability. Since opening their doors, Agera Energy’s amassed 1.8 million consumers.

When Agera Energy opened their doors in 2014, it was following one of the worst winters in the United States. Most energy providers grappled with the hardships that accompanied the harsh season. As a result, they resorted to ill-advised methods in hopes of bridging the gap in their productivity. Agera Energy’s ability to embody no semblance of these corrupt practices earned them a prestigious reputation in their trade.