The 38 year old Australian actress will join the “Cats” an adaptation created by Andrew Lloyd Webber. It will be a musical film that includes talented actors and actresses in the industry.

Rebel Wilson is also a writer and producer at the same time. She played the character of Toula which was aired on Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). Rebel Wilson roles appeared in other comedy series. As a comedian, she won awards and deserves to be one of the talented people on screen.

Wilson will play as Jennyanydots and she’ll work with stars Idris Elba, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson and Judi Dench according to reliable sources.

The Australian actress will play a character that helps a persona that is known for its inactivity and repugnance at some time of the day. With the help of Jennyanydots (Wilson), the character changed its habits to something relevant, useful and entertaining, which can be seen in the entire film.

In every story, people must expect that it’s not always a bed of roses. There are also villains that create challenges so movies can have its twists and turns. Fans can expect Idris Ilba to play as a villain in this film. He’ll play as a mastermind of crimes in the story. Read more: Stunning Transfprmation Rebel Wilson | The List and Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical

Variation of costumes also have a major role since it can match different personalities of every character. It’s hard to speculate whether or not this film would be a great one, but people will simply have to wait and see. Let’s just throw away our speculations for quite some time. Follow Rebel Wilson on Twitter

The year 2018 will be over soon. Producers, writers and actors can expect exciting projects for 2019. The Cats is expected to hit movie screens on December 2019. Changes can still be made before the target date and others are looking forward to it.

Anne Hathaway and Rihanna were supposed to be joining the casts, but they’ll no longer appear in the film due to busy working schedules.

Technology also plays a significant role in this film since Tom Hopper, a movie director said that he and his team are working on computer-generated imagery (CGI). This will definitely give special effects in the earlier or latter parts of the film. The good thing about this adaptation are some changes that must be seen by movie goers. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

They want to see a little difference from the original piece and it can never be an exact copy of what was released. By far, people know something about the upcoming film and it’s still a good reason why everyone should see that.

Yes, fresh faces and personalities can be seen, but overall it will be a good quality film. It’s definitely not a make or break deal for Rebel Wilson, but at least she can show her worth on screen. Acting skills are priceless in the industry.