The Academy of Art University recently showcased their BFA and MFA graduates at the 21st runway at New York Fashion Week. The designers that were in the spotlight are from all over the world and have drawn in their experiences, feelings, and different diverse backgrounds in order to create their unique fashion collections.


The Academy of Art University is on a mission to prepare their students to be the very best that they can be and to better portray their individual personalities and experiences through their work.


Hailun Zhou, from China, used inspiration drawn from photographs that she took and her experiences. She created dresses and separates from PVC and vinyl and mixed and matched different mediums for a real shock factor. Eden Slezin, from the Bay Area, showed off his collection made of recycled bike tubes and denim.


Dina Marie Lam, form LA, found her inspiration in her emotions and Carlos Rodriquez, from Mexico City, used intricate embroidery to ordain his pieces. Saya Shen from Beijing, China, utilized digital prints of nature and larger-than-life silhouettes to create her collection.


Joanna Jadallah, form Chicago, integrated her rich culture into her designs with the use of wool, brocades, soft knits, and lambskin leather. Cana Klebanoff from Queens created pieces inspired by castles architecture, nature, and Japanese samurai. Ryan Yu, from China, created deep contrast with light and darkness. Jelly Shgan, from China, created a fresh yet edgy collection that came from feelings of peace and sacred temples.


The Academy of Art University offers inclusive admissions for any and everyone who can meet all of the requirements for admission into the Academy. Anyone wanting to learn and to grow is welcomed with open arms.

The Academy of Art University offers a very disciplined and thorough teaching criteria in a nurturing environment that encourages hands-on learning and individual growth. The Academy understands that everyone3 is different and learns in different ways and they accommodate that. The Academy offers full and part-time teachers who are trained in the fields of design and art, and are professional backed by many years of schooling and experience.