People all over the world are growing more wary of the food that they eat and the ingredients that different brands are using in their food. One brand, in particular, that tends to receive an incredible amount of attention is Mcdonalds. The brand stands as one of the biggest restaurant fast food chains in the entire world with thousands of locations in different countries. With such a large customer base, there are bound to be that section that is skeptic about the ingredients being used.

To find out whether the rumors were true or not, Business Insider decided to send in a reporter to the meat manufacturing unit of Mcdonald’s. The reporter was sent to an OSI Group outlet in the United States. OSI Group is one of the main suppliers of meat to the restaurant chain, and is not only operational in the United States, but outside as well.

One of the first things that the reporter noticed when they entered the factory was the safety measures taken to ensure that the meat doesn’t get contaminated in any manner. The factory makes every person entering inside wear a layer of protective clothing. They are also always required to wash their hands thoroughly before they enter.

The first machine within the factory is used to inspect the meat and make sure that it is good for use and up to the high standards that OSI Group and Mcdonalds have set up. The meat is inspected to ensure that there are no bones, and fit to be stored.

The meat within the factory is stored in incredibly precise conditions. Every fine detail is paid attention to here, right from the storage temperature, to the material being used for the storage baskets.

The next step conducted within this OSI Group factory is the mincing of the meat. This is a process that is done through a large churning machine that grinds the beef down to incredibly fine particles. If there are any fine pieces of bones in the meat, these get ground as well. The ground meat is then shaped into patties in the sizes that Mcdonald’s asked for.