Jeremy Goldstein is a successful corporate lawyer specializing in acquisitions and company mergers. Goldstein is also an expert in executive compensation as well as company governance areas. He played a major role in the buyouts of South African Breweries PLC, Alltel, Sears and Kmart, AT & T Corporation as well as J.P. Morgan Chase.


He has a track record of impressive history serving as a legal counsel for some of the most prominent companies in the world. Jeremy Goldstein was named the Merger and Acquisition subcommittee chairman of the business sector of the American Bar Association. His prominence has spread across the United States as a go-to lawyer. Currently, Jeremy Goldstein is at the helm of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. He is a partner at the New York-based law firm.


He excelled with flying colors from Cornell University with a bachelor’s degree in Arts. Afterward, he went for a Master’s degree in the University of Chicago. Recognizing how important a good education background is in building a legal career, he took it a notch higher by earning a J.D. from New York University. Besides his tight schedule at the law firm, he involves himself with a charity Fountain House.


Jeremy L. Goldstein realized how most attorneys leveraged dry and basic approaches to interacting and working with legal clients when still young. He brought a new approach of building relationships with clients to deliver impressive results. Besides, he derived the inspiration to get into the legal field from the desire to match the characteristics of his personal life to his professional life. Today, he works with CEOs and large companies offering legal consultation services across many industries. His experience with such endeavors has helped him to offer unmatched services which ensures consistent income stream.


When it comes to measuring success, Jeremy Goldstein does not measure his success by looking at his profit and loss statements. Rather, he evaluates the success of his business by the long-term goals in place and how empowered he is alongside his team. In any case, he has invested a lot in himself and his employees who are part and parcel of the determinants of the success of the business. Looking back, Goldstein struggled with self-doubt. He emerged a victor when he decided to treat hurdles as opportunities for growth. He focused on personal growth and look where he is now.


Jeremy Goldstein has learned from experience that the best way to earn new clients is through undertaking positive public relations. He is choosy when it comes to the cases he takes up. As a result of his ability to choose wisely which cases to work on, his unique approach to business, law as well as professional relationships, he has incredibly successful.


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